Vehicle Repair Authorization Form

  • Upon completion of the vehicle, any deductible, betterment or customer pay items must be paid for in full and in cash, certified funds, or credit card. I understand the repair center does not accept credit cards for the insurance portion of my bill if check is payable in my name and shop name. I understand the vehicle will not be released to me until payment is received or arrangements have been made for payment with the primary payee. It is the customer’s responsibility to secure third party endorsements. Insurance checks can simply be endorsed by all parties directly to the repair center. Vehicle owner will be responsible for any attorney fees and court costs related to collections of payments and a parts restocking fee if customer declines repairs.

    1. I hereby authorize the repair work set forth to be done, along with the necessary parts and materials. The estimate of repair includes parts, labor, and diagnosis. If upon further inspection, additional repairs are needed, the primary payee will be contacted for authorization. By authorizing this work, I hereby also authorize the repair center to access my vehicle’s computer and pull all electronic information and data regarding the vehicle’s operation.
    2. I understand that the repair center is not responsible for loss or damage to the vehicles or articles left in the vehicle in case of fire, theft, accident, or any cause beyond their control.
    3. I hereby grant your employees permission to operate my vehicle for the purpose of testing and/or inspection on streets, highways, or elsewhere.
    4. I understand that if a third party provides a replacement vehicle, the repair center is not responsible for costs, damages, or any liability.
    5. Delivery dates given are approximate and will change if additional parts or repairs are needed. We will contact you if the delivery date originally quoted needs to be adjusted for any reason. If you have any concerns, please feel free to call us at any time.
  • (If yes, please bring endorsed check with you at time of pick up)
  • I authorize and appoint your repair center my attorney-in-fact, to endorse my name on and cash any insurance check payable to me for the repairs. I also authorize and appoint my co-policy holder to act as my attorney-in-fact, to endorse my name on and represent me for any insurance claims related to the repairs. The repairs to my vehicle are completed and the vehicle is being released to me. I authorize the Insurance Company (if applicable) to make direct payment to your repair center on my behalf.

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